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The European Tracking Network data management platform is the central data portal of ETN. If gives access to all type of fish telemetry data (currently acoustic telemetry, C-POD, acoustic archival and archival data is supported, but this will be expanded in the future to other telemetry techniques as ETN aims at being all-inclusive) and provides and interface to help researchers manage, explore download and share telemetry data. This manual provides step-by-step instructions for creating projects, adding metadata, and detections, and managing and accessing data on the ETN portal.


      1. ETN structure and concepts
      2. Registration and user groups
      3. Data Policy: permissions and data sharing


Data upload

      4. Data portal walkthrough
      5. Create a project
      6. Upload metadata and data
      7. Data management

Data download

      8. ETN portal tables
      9.Shiny explorer
      10. RStudio and ETN package