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Virtual Labs

Exploring fish telemetry data within the Lifewatch data explorer

The Rshiny LifeWatch Data Explorer is an interactive online tool that gives access to data that is stored in the ETN data repository. It provides an interface to explore and analyze these data. Some of the more recent data is temporarily under moratorium and therefore protected by password access. More information on how the explorer can be used can be found here.

Lifewatch data explorer

Analyzing fish telemetry data

 ETN package

ETN is an R package with functions to access and process data from the European Tracking Network (ETN). The R package is available through GitHub.The ETN infrastructure currently requires the package to be run within the RStudio server, which is password protected. A login can be requested here.

R package on Github

 Download data package

This is a specific function in the etn R package that performs a download related to an animal project as a data package that can be deposited in a research data repository. When applying for a DOI you should run this function.

ETN-occurrences on Github

Video tutorials

Find out a whole lot of relevant information on managing your data, data analyses and more with these video tutorials!

Open Protocol: how does it work?

Study design: how should I be setting up my array?

ETN R package: find out to use the ETN R package

Calculating positions in acoustic telemetry

You can also follow our YouTube channel for more!


 actel & RSP

Standardized analyses of acoustic telemetry data using the R packages actel (acoustic telemetry) and RSP (refined shortest path) with Hugo Flávio & Yuri Niella

Watch it here!

 YAPS (coming soon)