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Search in the database

  • The successfully uploaded metadata can be checked in the relevant tab: tags, animals, receivers, or deployments.
  • Filters can be applied to look for specific metadata entries. To be able to see the metadata, the user must have access to the relevant ETN group.etn data filter


  • In the case of the deployments, you can check all the deployments of a receiver in the ‘Receivers’ tab by filtering by the receiver serial number.

    data management step 2
  • Metadata columns not visible can be selected to be displayed under ‘Show/hide fields’.

    etn data show or hide fields

Edit metadata

  • The information entered for metadata entries can be individually edited, duplicated or deleted
    .etn data delete or duplicate
  • Select the appropriate tab (tags, animals, receivers, or deployments), a row of the list, and click on ‘Edit’. A list of metadata fields will appear.edit fields
  • When the fields have been modified, click the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom of the page.

Download metadata

  • By clicking on ‘Download data’ you will receive a CSV file containing all the metadata entries that comply with the filter characteristics.
    etn data csv download