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To start a new study:

  1. Make sure you are registered into ETN.
  2. Navigate to the ETN portal. In the landing page, under the map you can see a link to the Project Template. Filling up this template is important to register all metadata related to the project and to provide enough detail for external people to understand the study goals and identify data owners/collaborators.
  3. Fill in the sheet “Tracking project info”. If the tracking project is part of a larger, overaching project the sheet “Umbrella project info” can be filled as well.

    • The template contains an example to follow and guidelines for each field.

    • The information provided should be as complete as possible. If incomplete, the ETN administrator will get back to the user to request input on specific information.

    • The administrator will grant access to the project to every person mentioned in the project information only if they have an account in ETN.

    • ETN makes a distinction between network and animal projects. A network project refers to a group of receiver deployments, linked to a project/study area. An animal project refers to a group of animals tagged in the framework of a project/study. When filling the template, the type of project (network/animal) is mandatory.

    • Rules (i.e. things to keep in mind):

      • The project code and title fields do not accept spaces between words.

      • The coordinates will be used to mark a point in the landing page’s map.

  4. Send your project template to the ETN administrators ( to include the project in the system
  5. Your project should appear on the ETN portal map within a few days!

Now you can begin to upload data. Project details can only be edited by ETN data administrators.