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ETN Symposium 2024

The fourth ETN symposium will be held 16-18 October 2024, in Palma de Mallorca.

The ETN Symposium 2024 is the fourth edition in a series organized by the European Tracking Network. Its goal is to bring together scientists and stakeholders to discuss and share progress in understanding how aquatic species move and interact with their environment using Acoustic Telemetry. By providing a platform for knowledge exchange and discussion, the symposium seeks to facilitate the transition from independently operating regional initiatives to a more cohesive and sustainable pan-European biotelemetry network.

The theme of the ETN Symposium 2024 focuses on "Conservation and Sustainable Management of Aquatic Ecosystems Through Acoustic Tracking", and we welcome oral and poster presentations over these sessions:

I) Acoustic Tracking for Monitoring Pollution, Human-Made Infrastructure Effects, and Aquatic System Restoration.

II) Tracking Animals to Monitor Climate Change Effects on Aquatic Environments.

III) Sustainable Fisheries and Protected Areas Management via Acoustic Tracking.

IV) Advancements in Collaborative Tracking Networks and the Open Protocol.

To evaluate the potential interest, please fill out this 30-second survey:

After the Symposium, Early-Career Scientists are invited to join the Mallorca Science School 2024 (October 20-26). More info can be found here: