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Please contribute to 3rd ETN survey!

Wed, 11/18/2020 - 16:57

Please contribute to 3rd ETN survey!

Dear ETN member, aquatic tracking researcher,


Here we present the 3rd ETN survey for you to be kindly filled. 


The aims of the current questionnaire are to map:

  1. Aquatic environments where aquatic telemetry research was/is/will be performed

  2. Existing and planned infrastructures for aquatic animal tracking, across ETN COST action and beyond + telemetry equipment

  3. Aquatic telemetry teams across ETN COST action and beyond 

  4. Info on how you calculate positions (coordinates) from your raw detection data from acoustic telemetry

  5. Your requirements, requests, queries, expectations and comments you have to ETN projects' map displayed at the lifewatch-ETN data portal

  6. Your willingness to be listed among experienced researchers who are open to answer telemetry questions. This list is available at the ETN website and this is an update for those who have yet to make their decision

  7. Your willingness to attend telemetry webinars and topics of interest for these webinars


Your answers are valuable and will help the ETN COST Action progress by enabling overview of the aquatic telemetry community.


Please click here to access the survey as well as the two previous surveys!

Many thanks and keep safe,

Marie and Renanel, ETN WG4 leaders

Jan and Pedro, ETN chairs